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Anti-Ageing Starter Pack


This all natural anti aging starter pack is based on the combination of two face serums, iRejuvenate Plus Elixir with iRejuvenate Plus Serum to give you maximum anti-ageing results for a velvety and radiant skin. These multifunctional face serums contain powerful plant botanicals tested to:

-reduce fine lines and wrinkles

-firm and plump the skin by boosting skin collagen production

-regenerate the skin with laboratory tested plant antioxidants

-hydrate the top layer of the skin to prevent dehydration and redness

-calm the skin thanks to omega 3s and organic Aloe Vera

-boost skin radiance with happiness promoting plant molecules

-helps reduce the appearance of dark circles

Please note this product is concentrated and a drop goes a long way.

Pure  with only plant derived ingredients, no GMO, 100% Natural derived

Potent with clinically tested herbal extracts and fair trade ingredients.

Personal, providing a bespoke beauty tool that empowers you, allowing you to decide what your skin needs.


Writer and artist Gisele Scanlon's beauty serum review on iRejuvenate Plus Serum in her beautiful book The Goddess Experience: "One of the best 100 per cent natural serums to give miracle results.. Made from a powerful blend of hydrating and softening ingredients, after ten minutes it's like you've taken a nap in the rain. Beautiful!" 

Health and beauty author, Janey Lee Grace's beauty serum review on iRejuvenate Plus Elixir: "Light, yet deeply moisturising, Heavenly"



Celebrities facialist Nuz Shugaa's beauty serum review for iBright Serum: "iBright is a remarkable product! I love to custom blend this natural lightening serum in my treatments. It helps me deliver great results and gives all my clients, from actors to artists, confidence to overcome any scarring and pigmentation issues. Not only Dr Barbara Olioso is transforming many clients skin, she also lives as a great believer of natural ingredients. It fits well in my treatments and what I truly believe is, as soon as you apply the iBright Serum, after a few days you will see great results. This amazing product can be used on uneven skin tone, scar tissue, sun damage, pigmentation and hormonal skin conditions. The results are clear flawless skin without the use of chemicals"  



Director of Bend it like Beckam, Gurinder's Chada's beauty serum review on iRejuvenate Plus Elixir


Award winning beauty journalist Kate Shapland, wrote on the Telegraph her review on iRejuvenate Plus Elixir; "How to have naturally clearer skin.. Dr Barbara Olioso formulated he products without compromise, using good quality, natural, often rare properties. iRejuvenate Plus Elixir is a light oil to enhance clarity and suppleness, is a wonderfully efficacious skin treat"






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