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About Us



Forest Secrets, a 100% natural brand born from the passion for both nature and science, was founded by Green Chemist, Dr Barbara Olioso.

Since 1997 dr Barbara has researched phytochemistry, the branch of science that studies the health properties of plants, developing purely natural and organic cosmetics and herbal extracts.

She uses scientific methods to screen the best and most effective plant extracts and botanicals from all over the world which she combines in her unique formulations for best efficacy and safety.

Formulating natural cosmetics is a science as much as an art; as a plant extract can gain or lose potency depending on the base that is used or the concentrations of the active agent; experience, skill and science are necessary in a natural formulator.

Dr Barbara studied for her degree in chemistry at Venice university, researching organic synthesis for developing anti-cancer drugs. She has a Master in Food Science and Technology from the university of Lincolnshire and a diploma in Cosmetic Science from the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Dr Barbara also writes and broadcasts on natural cosmetics and travels the world as a consultant Green Chemist, giving technical advice, teaching and training.

Dr Barbara founded Forest Secrets in 2006, the result of many years of research and commitment to truly natural, sustainable and effective beauty products.  Dr Barbara is Italian and now lives in Somerset.