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Cleanse & Tone

Good face cleansing is the foundation of an effective beauty routine. Your skin gets exposed to pollutants, make up and dirt all day, so it is important to give it a break from the outer world and nourish it. Our all natural face cleanser is soap free therefore it cleanses without stripping off the skin of its natural oils. Our face toner acts as a primer balancing pH and hydration to prepare the skin to receive nourishing face serums.
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This natural 100% bamboo face sponge is a softer alternative to the bamboo muslin face cloth, for very sensitive skin. It has also a beautiful texture typical of bamboo, allowing a pleasurable face cleansing and exfoliating experience.  It comes with an easy grip elastic band in a set of two sponges for a full face experience, if you wish. 100% Bamboo...

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iClear Skin Tonic is the first step to prepare your skin to receive nourishment from all natural face serums. This Skin Tonic (micellar water) removes fine traces of make-up and dirt, leaving your skin perfectly clean and supple in a gentle way. Bulgarian Rose water and Cucumber extracts sooth and refresh your skin. Balances the skin pH Deeply Moisturises iClear...

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Enjoy smoother and clearer skin effortlessly with iClear Starter Pack. This multifunctional all natural cleansing system  looks after your skin in many ways: -removes make-up and dirt -gently exfoliates removing dead skin cells -helps to unclog skin pores -balances skin pH -stimulates and support skin radiance -deeply moisturises -enhances the effect of face serums by clearing the skin dirt and debris...

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This soap free yet deep cleansing multifunctional cleanser leaves your face feeling super clean and hydrated. Giving a gentle daily exfoliation to increase skin radiance. Effortlessly removes all make-up, dirt and dead skin cells with Willow tree bark, leaf and flower extracts Gently unclogs skin pores Bulgarian Rose water calms and soothes Biomimetic betaine hydrates and stimulates collagen production iClear...