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Our Story
Dr Barbara Olioso, green chemist and founder of Forest Secrets, started her professional journey in the UK, working as scientific research manager for an international colour therapy company, testing and researching colourful botanical extracts, and running the scientific research laboratory. After that, she moved to a contract manufacturer specialised in green beauty products, developing and manufacturing for luxury spa brands and other British green brands. While there she set up organic certifications such as Soil Association and Organic Food Federation and developed the first organic eau de toilette back in 2005.

Her professional journey along with her scientific background and ethical values, made her realise that even if organic is ethical and environmentally friendly, it is not always the best choice for beauty products. She also realised that there was no point in going all natural or organic if product performance was not of a high scientific and performance standard. In order for her to achieve that sweet spot of healthy effective skincare, she had to do her own brand, based on concentrated facial serums, so Forest Secrets was born.

Thanks to her great grandmother who was an herbalist living on the Italian mountains, dr Barbara values ancient herbal traditions which are a constant inspiration for her.