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Skin Care FAQs

Are your skin care products suitable for sensitive skin?

Our products have been dermatologically tested on willing human volunteers and assessed by a professional dermatologist. All our products showed no reaction and we hear positive reviews from happy users with sensitive skin, however each one of us is unique therefore we recommend to test the products on the back of the ear lobe.

Do you provide products samples?

At present we are not, however we send free samples with our orders.

How long will the facial serums last for?

Forest Secrets products are very concentrated. A 15 ml bottle will last up to 3 months depending on the number of drops used per application.

Do I need a moisturiser after applying your beauty serums?

Using the combination of Elixir and Serum can be sufficient for the skin. Because we strive to improve and grow our range we are working on a couple of amazing moisturising protectors  to rejuvenate the skin even further by working in synergy with the facial serums.

Are your products suitable for the eye area?

Our multifunctional beauty serums are suitable for the delicate eye area.

Do your beauty products have SPF?

No they do not. In the UK between March and October the the UV is not strong enough to affect the skin, therefore we decided to keep our products SPF free for added flexibility, so that you can add a SPF product on top.

Are your facial serums suitable as a make up base?

Yes they are. They are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin ready for your make up application.

Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

The beauty products in our range that are suitable for pregnant women are: iBright Serum, iRejuvenate Plus Serum, iClear Skin Tonic and iClear Total Cleanser