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Anti Wrinkle Anti Blemish

Anti aging and anti blemish skincare to make your skin firm and radiant at the same time
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This Anti Blemish Starter Pack is based on the combination of two facial serums, iRejuvenate Plus Elixir and iBright Serum to give you the benefit of anti aging treatment that addresses also uneven skin pigmentation. Thanks to a combination of powerful botanicals (clinically tested) these beauty serums are designed to: -boost skin collagen making your skin elastic and plump -calm...

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You can awaken your skin to a new natural radiance. Your skin appears smoother,  hydrated and with a natural even skin tone. This multifunctional lightening face serum contains three powerful clinically tested botanicals that: -even skin tone naturally by protecting your skin own melanin from oxidation (Matsutake mushroom extract) -boost its radiance thanks to monk’s pepper phytoendorphines -stimulate blood microcirculation to...

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This soap free yet deep cleansing multifunctional cleanser leaves your face feeling super clean and hydrated. Giving a gentle daily exfoliation to increase skin radiance. Effortlessly removes all make-up, dirt and dead skin cells with Willow tree bark, leaf and flower extracts Gently unclogs skin pores Bulgarian Rose water calms and soothes Biomimetic betaine hydrates and stimulates collagen production iClear...