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Exfoliate & Polish

Exfoliation is key to rejuvenation. Dead skin cells accumulate on your skin making it dry and dull. The solution is regular and gentle exfoliation on the face and body. Our solutions are our muslin face cloth made with bamboo and organic cotton, iClear total cleanser and a unique body scrubbing glove made with copper and linen.
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Forest Secrets exfoliating copper and linen glove is a natural and effective way to make your skin -super smooth, -cleansed -energised. It is also very good at preventing ingrown hair and at removing fake tan. Recent research also highlights other skin benefits related to copper such as collagen and hyaluronic acid boosting for anti aging and plumping. Read this article...

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Enjoy smoother and clearer skin effortlessly with iClear Starter Pack. This multifunctional all natural cleansing system  looks after your skin in many ways: -removes make-up and dirt -gently exfoliates removing dead skin cells -helps to unclog skin pores -balances skin pH -stimulates and support skin radiance -deeply moisturises -enhances the effect of face serums by clearing the skin dirt and debris...