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Facial Oils & Serums

Facial oils and face serums are the skin hero of anti aging. Forget about being too oily, ours are easily absorbed with all sorts of extra skin benefits such as firming, calming and nourishing
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This Anti Blemish Starter Pack is based on the combination of two facial serums, iRejuvenate Plus Elixir and iBright Serum to give you the benefit of anti aging treatment that addresses also uneven skin pigmentation. Thanks to a combination of powerful botanicals (clinically tested) these beauty serums are designed to: -boost skin collagen making your skin elastic and plump -calm...

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Refreshing and velvety, this hyaluronic acid face serum is the second element to the iRejuvenate Plus anti-ageing system. This multifunctional face serum helps to -protect your skin collagen by enhancing its shelf life -boost skin radiance with plant endorphines -improves skin texture of sun damaged skin -deeply moisturise with plant derived hyaluronic acid -calm the skin with standardised organic Aloe Vera...